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Admission Information for New Junior Infants:

Before you send in any enrolment application form, please read our School Admission Policy which you can find here

If you wish to enrol your child into Junior Infants for the school year 2024 - 25, a parent must complete the form below (ie Click here for Application Form) and return it to the school, by either calling to the school, by post or by email.  We will acknowledge receipt of this Application Form but it does not guarantee enrolment. It is also very important that you read our Annual Admission Notice for applications for the school year 2024 - 25 which can be found here .  

Click here for Application Form

Please note: Applications for places will open each year around Oct 1st in the year prior to beginning school. For example...applications for Junior Infants for the school year 2024 - 25 will open around Oct 1st 2024.  Please contact the school directly if you need any further details. 

Application Form for all other New Pupil's:

To enrol a child into the school from another school either in Ireland or abroad, the Application Form (Application Form New Pupil's) must be completed and returned to the school. Once again we will acknowledge receipt of this Application Form but it does not guarantee Enrolment.

Click here for New Pupil's Application Form

Enrolment to our Preschool:

The St Declan's Preschool operates alongside the main school and has a maximun of 32 spaces. Further details of the Preschool can be found on the home page of this website. Applications for enrolment can be submitted at any time for the coming year and for future years. Please note that an application does not guarantee a place in the Preschool. It's also important to note that if a place has been secured in the Preschool, it no longer guarantees a place in Junior Infants. A new application will need to be submitted for that. Further information on that process can be found at the top of this page.

Click here for a Preschool Application Form


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