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Board of Management:

The Board of Management of the school consists of 8 members.  The Principal, teacher’s nominee (voted by the teaching staff), 2 parents’ nominees (voted by the parent body), 2 Bishop’s nominees and 2 members of the community agreed to by the other 6 members of the Board.


Parents Association:

Our school has got a very vibrant and supportive Parents’ Association.  Each parent of a pupil in St. Declan’s is automatically a member of the Parents’ Association.  Any parent who wishes to become a member of the Committee may do so.  The Committee meets once a month on a very informal basis.  This monthly meeting is the ideal forum for the parents to be kept informed of school policies and of events that are happening in the school.  These meetings also give parents the opportunity to express their views regarding issues pertaining to the school in general. Contact with the PA can be made through Sharon in the Office or through the PA Facebook page.


Entering & Leaving the School *Please note that new arrangements are now in place due to COVID19. Please contact the school for further information

There is one entrance to the school for the pupils and all pupils must use this entrance.  This is up the slope at the Junior end of the school.

Once in the yard all boys are expected to stay in the yard until the bell goes each morning.

Parents are reminded that no boy is allowed to walk on the walls of the schools at any time.

For Health and safety reasons it is very important that all boys are collected on time each day and that no boy is left regularly waiting for long periods at the end of the school day.

During the school day entrance and exit is through the front door of the school.  It is important that you always consult with the secretary before visiting any classroom to explain the purpose of your visit.

Please note that school begins at 8.50 a.m. each morning for all classes and finishes at 2:30pm each day.

Board of Management of St. Declan’s does not take responsibility for children outside of these official opening and closing times.



Please ensure that your son is in school at 8.30 each day.

School begins at 8.30 a.m.  All external doors are locked by 8.30 a.m.  After that entrance into the school is through the main front door only.

Punctuality is important and parents are asked to be conscious of the impact and disruption caused by being regularly late.



A written explanation was traditionally required when a boy is absent from school. However as of Sept 2019, all explanations can be entered directly on to our school administrative system using the Aladdin Connect App. All absences must be explained.

If possible medical and dental appointments etc. should be arranged outside of school hours.

If, for any reason a boy must leave the school during school hours he must be signed out and collected at the Office .

The Education Welfare Act came into operation in July 2002.  Under section 21 of this legislation the principal of the school is obliged to inform TUSLA in writing, when a pupil is absent for 20 days or more in a school year. (This has to be done whether explanation have been provided or not during the year).  It is school policy to inform parents when a pupil has missed 15 days.


General Behaviour:

The boys are expected to be attentive and co-operative in class. We expect them to respect each other, to show respect for the authority of the teacher in the classroom and to do tasks assigned to them by the teacher.

We have two playgrounds in the school – Junior (Infants – 2nd class) and Senior (3rd – 6th class).  All classes take ‘Little Lunch’ at 10.45.  Split half hour breaks at 12.15 and 12.45 allow for greater space during ‘Big Lunch’.  All classes are strongly encouraged to play fairly and to solve disputes and disagreements amicably. Rough play, aggressive behaviour, fighting, bullying and the use of bad language is totally unacceptable and will be dealt with appropriately under the schools Code of Behaviour.



It is the duty of parents to ensure that the boys give homework due time and effort.  The class teacher will advise on which copies are to be signed.



The school uniform consists of a maroon jumper with St. Declan's crest, maroon and gold tie (both available at Gregory’s Menswear, Patrick Street), grey shirt, grey pants.

Black shoes and not runners or trainers of any kind must be worn with the uniform.  Navy ‘decks’ or brown shoes are not part of the school uniform.


P.E. Uniform:

The school tracksuit consists of a school tracksuit and polo shirt (available at K Sport, Unit 614, Northern Industrial Estate) and runners (suitable for P.E.).  Boys may wear school tracksuits to school on P.E. day or swimming day, or as directed by the class teacher. 



You are encouraged to give your son a well- balanced and healthy lunch each day. As part of our Whole School Food Policy, treats are only allowed on a Friday. Click here for some healthy lunch ideas. 

Lollipops, crisps, fizzy drinks or energy drinks, nuts or nuts products of any kind are not allowed.  Chewing gum is forbidden on school premises. 


Book Rental Scheme:

A number of years ago we introduced a Book Rental Scheme to help reduce the ever increasing cost of school books.  This scheme will continue this year.  The number of books covered in the scheme can vary from class to class.  The cost will be shown clearly on your son’s book list.  It is important to note that parents will be asked to replace any book which has not been looked after properly.


Parent-Teacher Meetings:

All teachers will meet with parents on an individual basis at the Annual Parent-Teacher Meetings. 

Parents who wish to meet with a teacher or the Principal at other times are asked to do so by making an appointment through the school secretary.

Any early morning conversations should be kept to a minimum and should not delay the teacher from supervising or attending to his/her class properly.


School-Home Communication:

The majority of information distributed from the school will now be sent through the Aladdin Connect App. It is vitally important that you download this App to your phone. If you experience any difficulties using the App, please contact Sharon in the Office for further assistance.  Further information can also be found across this website and on the St Declan’s Parents Association Facebook Page.

Lost Property:

Lost Property is an ongoing issue that could be easily addressed if all books, jumpers, tracksuits, coats etc. would bear the boy’s name.


Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones which are brought to school should be left in the boy’s schoolbags and are to be switched off at all times.  Mobile phones are to be used outside of school grounds only.  Confiscated phones can only be collected by a parent.



Dogs are not allowed on school grounds.



Rainbows is available for boys from 1st – 6th class.  Rainbows is a support programme suitable for children who have experienced death, divorce, separation or any painful transition in their family.  The programme is presented to groups of 3 or 4 children during the school day for a period of 12 weeks by trained facilitators.  Rainbows is a different kind of helping.  It is not counseling or therapy but it can be therapeutic in its results.  Information on this programme will be provided during the school year.


It is very important that all parents are aware of how their children are using the internet, both on the home computer and on all mobile devices – especially in relation to social platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, U Tube, Whats App. Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc.  We strongly encourage all parents to be pro-active in this area from the moment your son gets his first phone – to monitor websites visited and frequently ask about messages sent and received (on all the social networks including, X-Box, Playstation, etc.)  Active parental vigilance can go a long way to reduce the hurt caused by cowardly offensive behaviour on the internet.

Parents Resources

Click here for advice from Webwise on how to use the internet safely with your family. 

Click here for further information from Zeeko regarding safety on line. 


Whole School Evaluation Report{WSE} - Jan here


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