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School Events 2022/23

New Outdoor Classroom - Sept 19th 2022

The photographs below show our new outdoor learning environment which was developed over the summer. The area was initially paved with new brickwork which immediately transformed the space into a warm and cosy courtyard. The special murals were added and they tell the story of space flight up to the famous landing on the moon. Potted plants were brought in and they were specially chosen for their texture, colour and aroma. This all adds a sensory dimension to the space as well. It is a fantastic addition to the school and one which will be used for many different events and activities into the future for all to enjoy. This work completes the latest phase of the development of the Senior Yard since the new classrooms were built. 

First Day of "Big School" for our new Junior Infants.

As we return to school after a beautiful summer holiday, we give a BIG welcome to all of the new boys who have joined us this year. We especially welcome our new boys into Junior Infants. We wish everyone the best of luck for the year ahead.

"Spud Growing Champions for 2022" - Sept 1st 2022

Congratulations to the boys in Mr Morrisseys's Second Class from last year, who today were crowned "Spud Growing Champions for 2022". Last March, 6 different classes planted seed potatoes in bags of compost and looked after them as they grew. Today, the bags were cut open and there was lots of excitement as the boys searched for the potatoes inside. Mr Morrissey's class had the heaviest crop...coming in at 616g. Well done lads.


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